Transcriptome Analysis

Transcriptome analysis enables characterization of all transcriptional activity, coding and non-coding, in any organism, without prior assumptions. Advances in the sequencing workflow, from sample preparation through data analysis, enable rapid profiling and deep investigation of the whole transcriptome, or portions of the transcriptome. 

Transcriptome analysis with Illumina RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) allows you to...

  • Annotate coding SNPs
  • Discover transcript isoforms
  • Identify regulatory RNAs
  • Characterize splice junctions
  • Determine the relative abundance of transcripts

With the greatest daily output available for any sequencing system, transcript profiles can be generated in a single day. Transcriptome sequencing reads can be aligned across splice junctions to identify isoforms, novel transcripts and gene fusions. Identify and quantify both rare and common transcripts, with over six orders of magnitude of dynamic range.

Transcriptome Sequencing Products

Whole-Transcriptome Analysis Kits:

  • TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Sample Prep Kits: Coupled with Ribo-Zero rRNA removal chemistry, applies the power of TruSeq Stranded RNA sample preparation to whole-transcriptome analysis, capturing both mRNA and multiple forms of non-coding RNA in a highly scalable, end-to-end solution compatible with both normal and low-quality, FFPE samples.
mRNA-Focused Transcriptome Analysis Kits:  
  • TruSeq Stranded mRNA Sample Prep Kits: Provides the clearest, most complete mRNA-focused transcriptome analysis by providing precise measurement of strand orientation, uniform coverage, and high confidence mapping of alternate transcripts and gene fusion events. 
  • TruSeq RNA Sample Prep Kits: RNA sample prep kits with robust indexing and a flexible, integrated workflow solution for economical RNA sequencing.
Small RNA Transcriptome Analysis Kits:

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