VeraCode technology provides a simple and flexible solution for multiplexed protein assays. With VeraCode Carboxyl Bead Sets, any protein or peptide can be covalently attached to the highly stable microbead surface, enabling the development of standard "sandwich" immunoassays. The 48 unique Carboxyl bead types can be pooled in varying combinations to perform up to 48 immunoassays in a single reaction in a standard 96-well microplate.

Analytes can be labeled with standard fluorescent reporters such as phycoerythrin (R-PE), Cy3, Cy5, or AlexaFluor dyes. During analysis, the fluorescence and code inscription for each microbead are detected by the BeadXpress Reader.

It has been demonstrated that the BeadXpress Reader can detect protein concentrations as low as 10 pg/ml in a multiplexed VeraCode Carboxyl bead assay.

The VeraScan Software that comes with the BeadXpress Reader System provides users the flexibility they need to customize scanning protocols. Illumina's BeadStudio software provides users a forum for simple to complex data analysis that can be easily exported to third-party data analysis programs.

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