For profiling and validation studies requiring low to mid-plex genotyping, Illumina provides customized solutions that allow researchers to optimize the number of loci per sample and throughput level to best suit their study goals. Custom assay panels can be easily developed for any species and deployed with either BeadArray or Veracode technology.

GoldenGate Custom Genotyping on BeadArray

Interrogate 96, or from 384 to 3,072 SNP loci simultaneously with the proven GoldenGate Genotyping Assay. The protocol can be performed manually or can be easily automated, with a streamlined workflow that allows a single technician to generate over 300,000 genotypes in just six hands-on hours. Custom Panels can be designed for many species with user-defined content.

GoldenGate Custom Genotyping on Veracode

Genotyping with VeraCode technology is available with three robust and customizable solutions that facilitate low- to mid-plex assays.

The GoldenGate Genotyping Assay is available in 48-384 multiplex kits for the VeraCode platform, providing a flexible customized solution for mid-level multiplexed assays. Universal Capture Bead Sets are an optimal solution for allele-specific primer extension (ASPE) assays. Carboxyl Bead Sets enable the immobilization of target-specific capture sequences on a coded carboxyl surface.