I seek certainty. Microbial Genomics.
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Characterize un-culturable organisms. Discover entirely new viruses. Develop new strategies to control outbreaks. Monitor host-pathogen interactions.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is opening new doors in microbial genomics, revealing fresh insight into how microbes impact humans and the environment.

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  • Learn how Dr. Ramunas Stepanauskas uses single-cell sequencing on Illumina systems to uncover hidden diversity and biogeographic variability in marine microorganisms. Access PDF »

Through the power and high resolution of Illumina technology, you can now understand the genetic makeup of organisms that were previously impossible to study—helping you examine microbial biological functions, track genetic changes, rapidly respond to outbreaks, monitor food sources, and more.

See the bigger picture by examining the smallest details in the tiniest organisms with NGS. Explore this site to learn more about how NGS can change your approach to microbiology.

Overview: NGS for Microbiology

Micro PrimerView an introduction to NGS and its applications for microbiology.
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MiSeq and Microbial Genomics

The MiSeq desktop sequencer allows assembly of small genomes or detection of target variants with unmatched accuracy.
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