Sequencing-ready libraries.
Simply delivered.

Introducing the NeoPrep Library Prep System.

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Library prep has never been this easy.

Finally, a radically simple way to create sequencing-ready libraries, including quantification and normalization.

Discover how the NeoPrep System can empower your lab.

  • Simplify your workflow
  • Achieve high quality with low input
  • Free your time and resources

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Radical simplicity.

Far fewer steps. Far less hands-on.

The NeoPrep System frees you from the burden of preparing, quantifying, and normalizing libraries. Precision digital microfluidic technology delivers high-quality libraries, even with limited starting material.

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 How Much Hands-On-Time Could You Save?  

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Next-generation library prep is here.

The NeoPrep System is the first of its kind to deliver true sequencing-ready libraries. Imagine saving hundreds of hours per year on library prep. Imagine the confidence of having precision technology that produces high-quality libraries, every time. Learn how the new NeoPrep System can revolutionize your NGS workflow and your lab.

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