GoldenGate Genotyping Assay

The Illumina GoldenGate Genotyping Assay is a flexible, pre-optimized assay that uses a discriminatory DNA polymerase and ligase to interrogate 96, or from 384 to 3,072, SNP loci simultaneously. The protocol can be performed manually or can be easily automated with LIMS and the AutoLoader 2.x, producing a streamlined workflow that allows a single technician to generate over 300,000 genotypes in just six hands-on hours. This Assay utilizes the HiScan or iScan systems.

GoldenGate Standard Panels include options for human and mouse content. GoldenGate Custom Panels can be designed for many species with user-defined content. GoldenGate Genotyping samples can be conveniently processed on either the Sentrix Universal 12-sample and 32-sample BeadChips multi-sample array formats.

GoldenGate assay highlights

  • Proven technology: Used in genotyping centers worldwide
  • High-quality data: Average call rates > 99%
  • Scalable solution: 96, or from 384 to 3,072 SNPs per sample, 12 to 96 samples in parallel
  • Streamlined workflow: Manual or automated processing with multiple stopping points
  • Flexible content: An expanding selection of standard panels or custom panels with the SNP loci of your choice
GoldenGate Assay Overview and GoldenGate Assay Assay Workflow