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Complex Disease Solutions by Research Type

Complex disease research can vary with the biological question being asked by the researcher. A cell biologist works to understand the molecular mechanism of a complex disease. A clinical researcher focuses on discovering the molecular pathology of a phenotype. Other researchers are using next-generation sequencing (NGS) and array technologies to conduct large-scale studies looking for new complex disease risk factors.

Only Illumina can meet the varied needs of these researchers. For the cell biologist, Illumina offers simple, sample-to-analysis complete solutions to broaden their research. For the genomics researcher, Illumina provides the most cost-effective and rapid NGS technologies and unparalleled collaborative expertise.

Complex Disease Genomics Solutions by Research Type
Using Target Enrichment for Complex Disease Research

Reliably sequence exomes or large numbers of genes (e.g. > 50 genes) using robust and straightforward workflows. Hybridization-based enrichment is a useful strategy for analyzing specific genetic variants in a given sample. Use target enrichment solutions for your specific needs in order to deliver dependable results across a wide range of input types and quantities.

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What is Target Enrichment?
Functional Cellular Research

Current cell biology methods combined with genomic profiling can provide increased understanding of cell function and regulation.

Array and NGS technologies from Illumina can broaden research beyond conventional, single-gene methods. Illumina technology enables analysis across the genome, transcriptome, and epigenome.

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Clinical Complex Disease Research

Illumina offers flexible, accurate tools to understand the underlying genomic pathology of a complex disease phenotype. With the sensitivity and speed of Illumina array and NGS solutions, researchers can identify causative variants, molecular biomarkers, and therapeutic targets of complex diseases faster.

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High-Throughput Genomics Research

Researchers are already harnessing the power of array and NGS technologies for large-scale genomic studies on complex disease risk factors. Illumina offers fast, cost-effective, and customizable array and NGS technologies with sample-to-analysis solutions and unparalleled collaborative expertise.

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