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Illumina Upgrades BaseSpace OnSite

New version supports NextSeq 500 and HiSeq 2500, includes more diverse analysis toolset

Illumina Upgrades BaseSpace OnSite
July 9, 2015

Illumina has launched a new version of BaseSpace OnSite, which enables researchers to store, analyze, and share data on-site.  This new tool simplifies genomic data sharing and analysis for laboratories with special storage, network bandwidth, security, or compliance requirements who want to be able to benefit from many of the capabilities of the cloud-based BaseSpace environment. 

With BaseSpace Onsite 2.0, users can stream data from both the NextSeq 500 and HiSeq 2500 Sequencing Systems, and will also have access to a newer, onsite version of the BaseSpace environment.  In addition to seamlessly streaming data from the two Illumina sequencing platforms, users can also import individual sample, variant, and manifest data files up to 25GB, enabling users to analyze data that was not streamed directly from an instrument to BaseSpace Onsite.  

Software upgrades enable BaseSpace Onsite customers access to twice as many apps as the previous configuration.  These new apps give researchers analytical tools for alignment, amplicon sequencing, custom enrichment, targeted exome, long reads, and phasing tools, as well as applications with specific relevance to researchers studying cancer and microbiology.

“We expect the new version of BaseSpace Onsite to bring additional flexibility to labs with specific data requirements who want access to best-in-class analysis tools for new applications of basic and translational research,” said Raymond Tecotzky, Market Manager of Illumina’s Enterprise Informatics business.  “As we build the BaseSpace ecosystem, we want to make sure that all our customers have access to our easy-to-use catalog of apps.”

BaseSpace Onsite 2.0 allows for short-term storage of up to 9 TB of genomic data, and includes an archiving feature for longer-term storage, and a delete capability.

“The evolution of BaseSpace Onsite is part of Illumina’s strategy to offer our customers seamless workflow solutions that can address most questions they are asking of their genomic data,” said Brady Davis, Senior Director, Enterprise Informatics business.  “By adding capabilities to the platform, Illumina is making it easier for more customers to access the storage and analytical capabilities of BaseSpace.  This tool enables customers to make smooth transitions from onsite data analysis configurations to the cloud and vice versa helping to further genomic discovery and innovation.”


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