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Video: Cloud Computing and Precision Medicine

As the demand for precision medicine grows, so too will the demand for cloud-based bioinformatics tools

Cloud Computing and Precision Medicine
December 8, 2015

Cloud computing is playing an important role in the storage and analysis of genomic data, a necessary enabler of precision medicine. 

In this video from Amazon Web Services, genomics experts including Dr. David Haussler, Scientific Director UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute, Dr. Ewan Birney, Director, European Bioinformatics Institute, and Illumina CEO Jay Flatley discuss how cloud computing is accelerating new discoveries.

“Scientists who work on particular diseases aren’t typically located in the same place.  Without the cloud capability they would literally have to ship disk drives around the world,” notes Flatley.  “Elastic computing in the cloud often allows researchers to get to their answer quickly and move on to the next problem.”


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