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llumina HiScanSQ System -- the Power of Arrays and Sequencing in a Single Platform

1317 views | 6 years ago

HiScanSQ integrates two proven Illumina technologies, arrays and sequencing, into one powerful platform. The two technologies have catalyzed a multitude of ground-breaking discoveries in trait and disease...

Illumina HiSeq 2000 -- the World's Most Powerful Sequencer

18282 views | 6 years ago

HiSeq 2000 and HiSeq 1000 systems make it possible for individual labs to take on the largest and most complex sequencing studies at the lowest cost. The ability to process larger numbers of samples...

Illumina Arrays: Next-Gen GWAS Now

5838 views | 6 years ago

Next-generation GWAS requires next-generation genotyping tools. Illumina offers a range of genotyping array options to fit any study, any budget. We show you how.