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Illumina Sequencing by Synthesis (Now in 3D)

5620 views | 3 years ago

Explore the Illumina workflow, including sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, in 3-dimensional detail. Go from sample preparation, to cluster generation, to sequencing on a system flow cell with...

Sequencing the Single Cell – Adventures in Genomics

views | 4 years ago

A single cell is the smallest building block in biology. Each and every cell contains an entire genome with all the information to create an entire organism – be it a bacterium or a buffalo cell. Recent...

NIPT: Patient advantages of the Verifi Prenatal Test: Dr. Platt | Illumina Video

7783 views | 5 years ago

Dr. Larry Platt, Director of the Center for Fetal Medicine and Women’s Ultrasound in Los Angeles, CA discusses the advantages of the NIPT / the Verifi Test for prospective parents.

Sequencing the Single Cancer Cell | Adventures in Genomics

5154 views | 4 years ago

Single cell sequencing is revolutionizing our understanding of the mechanism of tumor progression, tumor development, and metastasis. This may ultimately lead to improved cancer detection, diagnosis,...

Archaeology of the Invisible

4457 views | 5 years ago

Dental calculus, the hard deposit the dentist scrapes off your teeth, is the only part of your body that fossilizes during your lifetime. Subscribe to Illumina: Dental...

CZ Biohub: Conducting innovative experiments with NGS

3551 views | 3 years ago

Steve Quake and Joe DeRisi of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub discuss their mission to conduct innovative experiments and new kinds of collaborations in genomics. By partnering with 3 major universities...

Katie S: A Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Success Story

2662 views | 1 year ago

Katie Lendrum shares her personal journey of deciding to have a child after her husband, David, who was diagnosed with motor-neuron disease (MND), also referred to as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,...

Global Perspectives on the Impact of Next-Generation Sequencing | Illumina Video

2005 views | 4 years ago

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is revolutionizing research, enabling experiments that weren’t possible previously. Subscribe to Illumina on YouTube: Researchers can now...