Dissecting the genetic basis of Brugada Syndrome

Dissecting the genetic basis of Brugada Syndrome

Professor Connie Bezzina, Professor of Molecular Cardiogenetics, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
Topic: Human Genetics & Genetic Disease

Brugada Syndrome belongs to a family of rare inherited cardiac disorders that can lead to sudden cardiac death. Rare genetic variants in the SCN5A gene can be identified in ~20%* of cases with Brugada Syndrome, while the genetic basis in the others remains unresolved.

Ongoing studies, combining data from multiple genomic methods, are helping to elucidate the genetic basis of Brugada Syndrome and other complex cardiac disorders with the aim of improving patient care in the future.

Register for the webinar to hear Professor Connie Bezzina present data from her laboratory and ongoing collaborative studies with the Brugada Syndrome Genetics Consortium.

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