NGS Method Spotlight: RNA Sequencing on the NextSeq 500 Series

NGS Method Spotlight: RNA Sequencing on the NextSeq Series

Brian Steffy, Illumina
Topic: Sequencing

The flexibility and power of the NextSeq Series supports a broad range of sequencing options—from whole genome sequencing, exomes, and targeted resequencing, to transcriptome sequencing. Join Senior Lab Manager Brian Steffy as he provides a live overview and demonstration of how the NextSeq 500 Series is part of a seamless workflow solution for RNA-Seq that takes you from sample to analyzed data.

In this webinar, you will learn how the NextSeq 500 Series makes the advantages of RNA-Seq—including broad dynamic range and the ability to discover novel features—more accessible than ever before. This presentation will feature a live demo of each step of the RNA-Seq workflow, including:

  • Selecting from a suite of library preparation options to find the best fit for your study design needs
  • Fast and easy sequencing set-up through intuitive user interface and load-and-go operation
  • Push-button data analysis through the BaseSpace Core Apps for RNA computing environment

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