Advancing Pathology and Cancer Research with NGS

Dr. Jamie Platt, PhD, Vice President, Genomic Solutions, Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network
Topic: Cancer Genomics

Dr. Platt discusses the benefits of integrating NGS into clinical oncology research. Dr. Platt will present an overview of the utility, accessibility, and ease of use of NGS in pathology and oncology applications. She’ll also share case studies that demonstrate the functionality of molecular assays and analysis options for deep sequencing of tumor samples.

Introducing Nextera™ Flex for Enrichment
Grace DeSantis, Ph.D. Director, Product Development, Illumina, Inc.
Topic: Cancer Genomics : Human Genetics & Genetic Disease
IASLC 2019 Targeted Therapies of Lung Cancer Meeting
Santa Monica, CA | North America
Topic: Cancer Genomics
Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Annual Meeting 2019
Marco Island, FL | North America
Topic: Agriculture Genomics : Cancer Genomics : Forensic Genomics : Reproductive & Genetic Health : Human Genetics & Genetic Disease : Microbiology & Infectious Disease : HLA Typing