Safe and secure
data analysis with Illumina
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Informatics Data Security and Privacy

Data security is critical to the success of modern research and is of the highest priority at Illumina.  Illumina informatics tools follow the best practices to bring you the most secure solutions for both raw data and curated information. Illumina cloud storage and analysis solutions meet or exceed the security provided by many institutional IT infrastructures.

To protect data and patient privacy, BaseSpace Clarity LIMS offers several layers of data and system protection. Data are secured on physical systems in the lab, in transit to cloud storage, and within data centers.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub provides a safe and secure environment for the storage and analysis of sequenced data. Built on the secure Amazon Web Services platform, BaseSpace Hub is additionally overlaid with Illumina security testing and procedures. For more information about BaseSpace Sequence Hub's policies and controls for data security and privacy, click here to view the white paper.

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter (Beta) uses Amazon Web Services that are ISO 27001 certified.

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer gives access to the largest collection of continuously curated genomic knowledge in the world. This knowledge base contains data from thousands of human subjects, who have given consent for translational research. The security of BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer is verified by an independent, third-party audit, and meets the federally mandated HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements.