Transforming Modern Forensic Genomics

Insights from the first European DNA Evidence to Investigative Insights (DEII) conference

European forensic experts gathered in Berlin recently for the first-ever European DNA Evidence to Investigative Insights (DEII) conference. They shared their massively parallel sequencing (MPS) forensic experiences (including those with the MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System) and made progress towards a community vision for the future.

Discussion focused on the value that targeted forensic MPS is already providing for forensic casework, how it will impact and expand criminal justice databases, and how it will enhance non-human and RNA-based applications.

According to one attendee, "the time is now for MPS to enter the mainstream of forensic DNA analysis." Read about the conference insights and shared vision in this paper.

DEII Conference
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DEII Conference

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