ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit (Yeast) (to be discontinued)

This kit removes unwanted ribosomal RNA from yeast samples prior to creation of a stranded sequencing library.Read More...
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ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit (Yeast) 6 reactions


ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit (Yeast) 24 reactions


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ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 1)


ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 2)


ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 3)


ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 4)


ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Sets 1-4)


Product Highlights

  • Depletes ribosomal RNA (rRNA)
  • Creates a stranded Illumina sequencing library
  • Sequencing results contain entire transcriptome of coding and non-coding RNA species
  • Good for intact and partially degraded small samples – only 1 μg of total RNA required
  • Barcode/index-compatible: ScriptSeq index primers available separately for preparing barcoded libraries

The yeast transcriptome is more complex than previously thought. Yeast RNA-Seq is a valuable approach for mapping the transcriptome to characterize novel and low abundance transcripts.

The ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit (Yeast) offers the most informative sequencing results by removing unwanted rRNA prior to creation of a stranded sequencing library. When performing stranded analysis on samples prepared with ScriptSeq Complete Gold (Yeast), choose the FR=secondstrand option.

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rRNA Types Removed

ScriptSeq Complete Gold (Yeast) removes rRNA to generate stranded, highly informative sequencing results
rRNA Removed
Cytoplasmic rRNA Mitochondrial rRNA
25/28S 18S 5.8S 5S 21S 15S

ScriptSeq Complete Gold (Yeast) removes ribosomal RNA from S. cereviseae and S. pombe and generates stranded libraries for RNA-Seq with Illumina sequencers. ScriptSeq Complete Gold (Yeast) may be compatible with other yeast and fungal organisms.

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