Instrument control software for the HiSeq 2500 System

HiSeq Control Software

Load-and-Go Sequencing

The HiSeq System features an exceptional user interface and load-and-go workflows. It integrates cluster generation and sequencing into a single instrument, generating base calls and quality metrics in real time.

Generate Real-Time Base Calls and Quality Metrics with Ease

The software installed on the HiSeq System features easy-to-use, workflow-oriented, touchscreen operation to guide you through the experimental set-up. The software controls the flow cell stage, fluidics system, and flow cell temperatures, and captures images of clusters. It generates image analysis, base calling, and base call quality automatically.

Monitor Sequencing Runs from Any Location

Sequencing Analysis Viewer Software (SAV) enables researchers to analyze quality statistics from one or multiple runs in real time, on the sequencing system or on any Windows-based PC.

Sequencing Analysis Viewer Software
Reducing the Whole-Genome Data Storage Footprint

Reducing the Whole-Genome Data Storage Footprint

See how data quality score resolution can be reduced without sacrificing score accuracy or variant calling performance.

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HiSeq Control Software Updates

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Custom Protocol Selector

Generate custom protocols tailored to your Illumina sequencer and experimental workflow.
Create Custom Protocols

HiSeq Control Software