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See how researchers are using the HiSeq 2500 system to enable a broad range of applications

HiSeq 2500 Resources

iRNA-seq: computational method for genome-wide assessment of acute transcriptional regulation from total RNA-seq data.

Nucleic Acids Res 43 e40 2015

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Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing Identifies a Recurrent Mutation in MCPH1 Associating with Hereditary Breast Cancer Susceptibility.

PLoS Genet 12 e1005816 2016

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Development of a Comprehensive Sequencing Assay for Inherited Cardiac Condition Genes.

J Cardiovasc Transl Res 9 3-11 2016

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Find tools to help you choose the right products for your needs, and plan your experiments.

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Product Selection and Experiment Planning Tools
HiSeq 2500 System Guide

Provides an overview of instrument components and instructions for operating and maintaining the HiSeq 2500.

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HiSeq Site Prep Guide

Lab specifications and requirements for preparing the lab for sequencing on the HiSeq 2500 System.

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Sequencing Online Training

Online Illumina sequencing courses are free, interactive, and available any time.

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Personalized Training Workflow Selection Tool

This tool will help you determine the best hands-on sequencing training for your needs based on your area of interest, application, library preparation kit, and platform.

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Sequencing Coverage

Sequencing coverage describes the average number of NGS reads that align to known reference bases. Coverage requirements vary by application.

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Quality Scores

Additional information about sequencing quality scores, how they are calculated, and the relationship between quality score and base call accuracy.

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HiSeq 2500 Documentation

Support resources including guides, upgrade resources, and the latest support updates for the HiSeq 2500.

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Sequencing Troubleshooting Tips

These short videos provide expert tips for common sequencing issues such as overclustering and inconsistent quantitation.

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Custom Protocol Selector

The Custom Protocol Selector enables you to generate your own customized documentation, specifically tailored to your experiment.

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Progress in Rapid Identification of Variants Linked to Genetic Diseases
Progress in Rapid Identification of Variants Linked to Genetic Diseases

Learn how DNA sequencing is leading to progress in the rapid identification of variants that might be involved in genetic diseases. Thanks to this work, Dr. Kingsmore and his team now hold a Guinness World Records title.

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Exploring the Forgotten Genome of Cancer Research

A Garvan Institute sarcoma study identifies rare cancer-associated variants in the germline with the HiSeq 2500 System.

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Capturing Variant Data from the Blood

Using the HiSeq 2500 System, Dr. Hector Alvarez and researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center are studying genetic variation in exosomal DNA found in the blood of pancreatic cancer subjects and gaining insight into the potential of liquid biopsies in diagnosing and monitoring the disease.

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Toward Precision Medicine in Neuropsychiatry

David Goldstein at the Center for Human Genome Variation shares how sequencing with the HiSeq 2500 helps advance neuropsychiatry.

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Attack of the Jet-Lagged Tomatoes

Learn how tomato circadian clocks and genes evolved as tomatoes were transferred from their equatorial birthplace and planted across North America.

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Gut-Brain Axis: Melancholy of Our Gut Microbiome

Learn how transplanting gut microbes from patients diagnosed with depression affects the mental state of germ-free mice.

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