Harness the power of next-generation sequencing for forensic genomics work

MiSeq FGx is ideally suited for forensics applications such as criminal casework and mitochondrial DNA analysis

MiSeq FGx Applications & Methods

Targeted sequencing of forensically relevant STR and SNP loci empowers you to generate leads, even on cold cases. With NGS, crime laboratories can address hundreds of markers in a single test. This lets labs develop a more thorough, detailed profile from degraded, mixed, and limited DNA samples.

See how researchers are using next-generation sequencing on the MiSeq FGx to maximize the chances for a useful profile in criminal casework.

Millions of DNA profiles are curated in national DNA databases. NGS can help labs produce high-quality forensic DNA profiles more efficiently. Because Illumina sequencing technology analyzes multiple marker sets simultaneously, rather than sequentially, there is a faster turnaround.

See how criminalists are performing next-generation sequencing on the MiSeq FGx to build high-quality forensic DNA databases.

Illumina SBS offers a massively parallel approach for sequencing forensic PCR amplicons, both nuclear and mitochondrial. NGS enables scientists to utilize a single platform and optimal workflow to overcome the widest range of difficult samples often encountered in missing persons cases. Perform mitochondrial sequencing using the Research mode on the MiSeq FGx instrument.

See how other forensic scientists are using a massively parallel approach on the MiSeq FGx to identify unknown remains.

MiSeq System Applications
Research Applications on MiSeq FGx System

In Research mode on the MiSeq FGx System, you can access any application or method that can be done on the MiSeq System. Perform targeted gene, small genome, and amplicon sequencing, as well as 16S metagenomics and targeted gene expression analysis.

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