Fully validated software for forensic genomics

ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software

ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software is specifically designed to support forensic genomics applications. This fully validated software can be used to analyze and interpret a wide range of forensics casework and database samples.

The software includes a comprehensive suite of capabilities for forensic genomics applications, ranging from forensic DNA sample and file management, to complete secondary and tertiary analysis.

The software offers:

  • Customized, application-specific workflows
  • Data visualization at sample and locus levels
  • STR and SNP allele and genotype calling
  • Statistical estimates of combined genotype (ie, “profile”) frequency
  • Statistical estimates of ancestry and phenotype
  • Sample comparison
  • Quality flags to simplify data analysis
  • Easily exportable reports

The software is fully validated and is part of the MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System. ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software comes pre-installed on a basic, stand-alone server. It is sold separately to maximize flexibility and scalability of the solution for each laboratory, regardless of size or throughput.

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