System specifications for the MiSeq FGx system

Compact instrument and fully validated next-generation sequencing platform for forensic genomics applications

MiSeq FGx Specifications

Feature Performance
Low Input DNA Robust performance ≥ 100 pg, optimal input 1 ng
Locus Multiplexing Capability Simultaneous analysis of 10s–100s of loci including autosomal STRs, Y-STRs, X-STRs, and multiple SNP types
Accurate Low-Level Mixture Detection Detects minor contributors at < 5% of major
Sample Multiplexing Capability 8–96 samples
Deep Coverage 14 million reads per run
Short Amplicon Detection ≥ 65 bp

*Specifications shown here are for forensic or paternity use. View research use only specifications (link to MiSeq specs page), applicable only when running the MiSeq FGx System in Research mode.

MiSeq FGx System Specification Sheet

MiSeq FGx System Specification Sheet

Solve more cases and generate more leads with the power and accuracy of Illumina next-generation sequencing.

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Sequencing by Synthesis (SBS) Technology

The MiSeq FGx System harnesses proven Illumina SBS technology to deliver highly accurate data and robust performance for forensic genomic applications. SBS uses a reversible-terminator method, with fluorescently labeled nucleotides to detect single bases as they are incorporated into growing DNA strands.

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Paired-End Sequencing Technology

Paired-end sequencing enables both ends of the DNA fragment to be sequenced. Because the distance between each paired read is known, alignment algorithms can use this information to map the reads over repetitive regions more precisely. This results in much better alignment of the reads, especially across difficult-to-sequence, repetitive regions of the genome.

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