I seek to end hunger. Agrigenomics.

Exponential population growth and a changing climate create unique challenges for those working to maintain the food supply. To overcome this, many are turning to science. Agricultural genomics, or agrigenomics (the application of genomics in agriculture), has and will continue to help drive sustainable productivity and offer solutions to the mounting challenges of feeding the world’s growing population.

Through the constant development of new products and applications, Illumina is continually innovating ways to help agricultural researchers. Our agrigenomics technologies help plant and animal breeders and researchers identify desirable traits, leading to healthier and more productive crops and livestock.

Plant and Animal Genotyping

Today’s agricultural genomics researchers have many technologies at their disposal. Both array-based SNP genotyping and sequencing are used as discovery and screening tools to aid in breeding decisions.

Whether you are conducting a large-scale Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) or providing genetic services as part of a commercial laboratory, Illumina combines industry-leading data quality with the content flexibility to match any application. Learn more about Plant and Animal Genotyping »

Plant and Animal Sequencing

NGS is particularly useful in agricultural research, where genomes can be complex and prior knowledge scarce. NGS is also used to identify pathogens. It allows tracking of microbial or viral adaptation over short periods of time, both in the laboratory and in the environment. Learn more about Plant and Animal Sequencing »

Commercial Agricultural Applications

Illumina sequencing and genotyping technologies touch many steps of the agrigenomics pipeline. Our technology enhances knowledge of the genetic foundations of production, reproduction, and health for a wide variety of applications and species. Learn more about Commercial Agricultural Applications »

Agrigenomics Products and Services

Illumina’s products empower agricultural researchers to explore every area of genetic analysis, delivering the highest data quality and the flexibility to customize your research. Learn more about Agrigenomics Products and Services »

Agriculture Consortia

Illumina’s dedicated, award winning Consortia Management Service brings together the industry’s leading technology suite with experienced, multi-site project management. Our solutions simplify the consortium process for maximum program efficiency and superior results. You manage the research. We manage the process. Learn more about the Agriculture Consortia »

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Bovine Genotyping Improves Milk Production

Bovine Genotyping Improves Milk ProductionBovineSNP50 BeadChip array enables Martin Dairy to accelerate genetic progress of Jersey herd.
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Genotype Cattle Efficiently

GeneSeek uses BeadChip-based tools to measure genetic merit and identify superior breeding stock.
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Using Genomics to Improve Drought Tolerance in Corn Hybrids

Using Genomics to Improve Drought Tolerance in Corn HybridsSyngenta uses the HiSeq2500 System to understand the mode of action behind their new Artesian hybrid corn trait.
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Sequencing Tracks a Deadly Porcine Virus

The MiSeq system is enabling veterinary scientists to characterize an emerging porcine virus, and track its molecular evolution and spread. Access PDF »

Bringing a Better Steak to Texas

Genetic selection tools based on the BovineSNP50 BeadChip enable 44 Farms to ensure Angus beef quality from farm to table.
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Genomic Data Adds Value in Marketing Holstein Sires Globally

Jetstream Genetics uses Infinium BovineSNP50 BeadChip-based data to assess the genetic merit of young elite sires, optimize sire selection, and advance genetics for improved herd production.
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Genomic Selection and Breeding

Next-generation sequencing and genotyping technologies are revolutionizing animal breeding.
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