Microarray Scanners

Cutting-Edge Array Scanners

As array products from Illumina increase in complexity and density, it is important to have a microarray scanner that keeps pace. Illumina array scanning systems deliver rapid, sensitive, and accurate imaging of Illumina microarrays, for industry-leading genetic analysis results. These systems support a broad range of applications, with the flexibility to meet a variety of throughput needs.

Array Scanner for Limitless Applications

The iScan System is a high-precision microarray scanner that supports our expansive portfolio of innovative genetic analysis assays. This flexible array imaging platform can perform rapid genotyping, CNV detection, DNA methylation analysis, and gene expression profiling.

High-performance lasers, optics, and detection systems offer submicron resolution, capable of handling even the highest density multi-sample arrays. The result is dramatically reduced scan times and unmatched throughput rates, without sacrificing data quality or reproducibility.

This industry-leading array scanner offers:

  • Advanced laser and optics components to produce exceptional data quality
  • High call rates, sensitive measurement, and wide dynamic range
  • High sample throughput with fast optical scanners that can read BeadChips in minutes rather than hours
  • Support for a wide variety of DNA and RNA analysis applications, including genome-wide or targeted genotyping, methylation profiling, and cytogenetic analysis
  • Flexible format and automation options to meet a variety of throughput needs

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Cytogenomic Array Scanner and NGS System

Perform next-generation sequencing (NGS) and cytogenomic microarray scanning all on one research instrument. The NextSeq 550 System combines high-quality array scanning with the proven and robust NextSeq 500 sequencing system.  

By leveraging array scanning on the NextSeq 550 System, researchers have instant access to a powerful, complementary technology to confirm copy number variants detected through sequencing. The flexibility of the NextSeq 550 System enables a broad range of cytogenetics applications for reproductive and genetic health studies as well as cancer research.

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NOTE: The HiScan System has been discontinued. Illumina remains committed to providing you with high-quality support and service. For an alternative array scanner, we recommend the iScan System.

Microarray Solutions

Illumina arrays offer high-quality data and exceptional genomic coverage to accelerate both targeted and whole-genome studies.
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Cytogenomics Research

NGS and array methods work together to power cytogenomic analysis studies across a range of reproductive and genetic health applications.
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Right Tools for Cytogenomics

iScan microarray scanners and Illumina sequencers at MGZ laboratory bring improved resolution for more accurate cytogenetic analysis.
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