Infinium iSelect HD and HTS Custom Genotyping BeadChips

Interrogate virtually any target across any species to create a fully-customized genotyping array tailored to your unique study needs. Read More...
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iSelect HD Custom BeadChip (24-sample, 3,072-90K)


iSelect HTS Custom BeadChip (24-sample, 90,001-700K)


iSelect HD Custom Add-On (24-sample, up to 90K)


iSelect HTS Custom Add-On (24-sample, up to 700K)


Infinium HD iSelect-24 Kit (48 Samples, 3072-90K)


Infinium HD iSelect-24 Kit (288 Samples, 3072-90K)


Infinium HD iSelect-24 Kit (1152 Samples, 3072-90K)


Infinium HTS iSelect-24 Kit (48 Samples, 90,001-700K)


Infinium HTS iSelect-24 Kit (288 Samples, 90,001-700K)


Infinium HTS iSelect-24 Kit (1152 Samples, 90,001-700K)


Infinium HD iSelect-24+ Kit (24 Samples, up to 90K)


Infinium HTS iSelect-24+ Kit (24 Samples, up to 700K)


Accessory Products
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Infinium Starter Hardware Kit (110V/220V)


Infinium Standard-Throughput Hardware Kit (110V/220V)


Infinium High-Throughput Hardware Kit (110V/220V)


AutoLoader 2.x, Single-Scanner Configuration (110/220 V)


AutoLoader 2.x, Dual-Scanner Configuration (110/220 V)


Infinium Genotyping Automation LIMS-ready (110/220 V)


Infinium Genotyping Automation (110/220 V)


Product Highlights

The Infinium iSelect offers the ability to interrogate virtually any target (e.g. SNP, CNV, INDEL) across any species. Take advantage of the proven Infinium assay technology to create a fully-customized design that is tailored to your unique study needs.

Design a custom genotyping panel that supports up to 700k custom targets (SNPs, indels, and CNVs). The Infinium iSelect can be deployed on either the 24-sample HD (3072 to 90,000 BeadTypes) or 24-sample HTS (90,001 to 700,000 BeadTypes). Creation of these custom assays enables focused, high-throughput genotyping applications tailored to specific project needs.

Keep up-to-date with new discoveries by revising custom content through the Infinium iSelect + (add-on content) option. The Infinium iSelect+ option allows researchers to combine existing marker sets with new, unique content to create a single BeadChip, thereby increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of custom studies.

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Customer Stories

Finding the Genetic Voice Underlying Language and Reading Disorders

Yale researchers use Infinium arrays and the HiSeq System to uncover genetic variants associated with developmental language and reading disorders.

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Breeding Climate-Resilient Cowpea for Improved Food Security in West Africa

Illumina high-density genotyping expected to accelerate marker-assisted breeding.

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