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Whether looking at diversity across a species, disease-related mutations, or genetic characteristics associated with cancer, Illumina’s genotyping technology offers unique advantages. Our technology helps researchers not only detect point mutations of interest, but also large structural changes in DNA.

Genotyping is by far the most popular and effective way to screen samples for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). There are many applications for which genotyping technologies are useful. Illumina’s technology provides the accuracy, reproducibility, and flexibility with content selection that is critical to the success of your research.

Human Genotyping Arrays

Illumina’s portfolio ranges from ultra-high density arrays for population studies to arrays for biobanks and genome-wide association studies (GWAS). These microarrays allow continued collaboration and expansion to meet the needs of the research community. Learn more about Human Genotyping Arrays »

Biobank Sample Genotyping

We help maximize biobank specimen value by connecting sample data with underlying genetics. Whether you need standard arrays, customizable arrays, or sequencing products, Illumina offers content flexibility to match any application. Learn more about Biobank Sample Genotyping »

Custom Genotyping

With non-human and non-model organisms, sometimes standard panels are unavailable. Screening a large sample of individuals against novel or targeted content can present challenges. Illumina custom genotyping solutions are ideal for these situations. Learn more about Custom Genotyping »

Genotyping Consortia

Illumina is repeatedly the partner of choice in successful collaborations with thought leaders and genotyping consortia globally. From custom content to project management and bioinformatics, Illumina offers a comprehensive solution. Learn more about the Genotyping Consortia »

Infinium: the Gold Standard

Illumina Advances Genomic Research with the Infinium AssayVideo: Illumina Advances Genomic Research with the Infinium Assay

Learn about the technology that drives the gold standard Infinium genotyping arrays.
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Complete Microarray Solutions

Learn about our complete offering of microarray solutions from GWAS to cytogenetic arrays and everything in between.
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OmniExpress BeadChips

The optimal balance of sample throughput and comprehensive content for genome-wide association studies.
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Arrays for Agrigenomics

We offer the most comprehensive set of genotyping array options for crops, livestock, and other species. Learn More »


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