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RNA Sequencing Overview

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) has revolutionized the exploration of gene expression. Advances in the RNA sequencing workflow, from sample preparation through data analysis, enable rapid profiling and deep investigation of the transcriptome.

Uses of RNA Sequencing

Next-generation RNA sequencing enables researchers to:

  • Identify and quantify both rare and common transcripts, with over six orders of magnitude of dynamic range
  • Align sequencing reads across splice junctions, and detect isoforms, novel transcripts and gene fusions
  • Derive strand information with high precision
  • Perform robust whole-transcriptome analysis on a wide range of samples, including low-quality samples

Automated RNA-Seq Sample Prep

Illumina helps make RNA sequencing sample prep automation more accessible by partnering with leading automation vendors in liquid handling, fragmentation and size selection.

Find out how you can reduce hands-on time and minimize errors with solutions for sequencing sample prep automation.

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Desktop RNA Sequencer


The NextSeq 500 System provides a scalable approach for RNA sequencing, with higher sensitivity and accuracy than conventional arrays.
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