Ultra-Low RNA Input Sequencing

The Clontech SMARTerTM Ultra Low RNA Kit enables RNA sequencing from exceedingly low amounts of total RNA, starting with as little as 10 pg total RNA. Transcriptome sequencing has been established as a powerful tool for measuring gene expression levels, alternatively spiced isoforms, and gene discovery. This new assay offers the powerful attributes of RNA-Seq with unparalleled sensitivity, accurate gene quantification, and dynamic range.

Using an optimized version of Clontech's SMARTerâ„¢ technology, the assay provides an exceptionally efficient method for accurately synthesizing full-length cDNA from RNA in a single reaction. The resulting cDNA is fed directly into Illumina's proven paired-end sample prep kit.

The combination of these technologies results in robust sample prep for use on all Illumina sequencing platforms, for samples previously limited due to vanishingly small amounts.

This assay was developed in collaboration between Illumina and Clontech and is sold and supported by Clontech.

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