MyGenome App

Visualize genomic data on an iPad with the Illumina MyGenome App. This educational tool enables users to explore our current understanding of variation in the human genome with results displayed in a graphically accessible format. Choose to view the genome of Jay Flatley, Illumina CEO, or you can download your own genome data, or your patient's genome data, generated through the Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory. Within the app, you can:

  • Tour the landscape of chromosomes visualizing genetic variants as compared to the reference sequence and gleaning information about their potential health impact 
  • Explore genetically determined conditions and predispositions as well as genetic associations with common conditions and biological traits 
  • Review the clinical and non-clinical impact of genetic variants for more than 250 conditions and traits 

MyGenome App on iTunes

MyGenome App

Download the MyGenome App from iTunes.

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