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Biological Data Interpretation

Generating genomic and other molecular data is only the beginning. Understanding biological data and testing new hypotheses is a critical part of your research. Illumina empowers researchers to turn genomic information into biological insight with powerful turnkey informatics tools.

Genomic Variant Analysis and Interpretation with VariantStudio

The Illumina VariantStudio data analysis software application enables researchers to identify and classify disease-relevant variants quickly, then communicate significant findings in a structured report. A powerful analysis and reporting tool, VariantStudio allows researchers to go from DNA variants to biological insight, fast.

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Biological Data Interpretation with NextBio Research


NextBio Research extends your research by integrating your data with the world’s knowledge. NextBio Research is a correlation engine and interactive data analysis environment. Use it to compare Omics molecular profiles from your own experiments with results from a large curated repository of public data assets. This integrative analysis enables experimental results validation, enhanced biological interpretation of Omics data, and testing of new hypotheses to design targeted experiments.


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