cBot is a revolutionary automated system that creates clonal clusters from single molecule DNA templates, preparing them for sequencing by synthesis on the HiSeq, Genome Analyzer, HiScanSQ, and HiSeq X Ten sequencers.

Cluster Generation Process

The cluster generation process on cBot has been significantly streamlined. Innovative features such as pre-packaged reagents, a single flow cell manifold, and integrated touch screen controls make the best next-generation sequencing workflow even better.

cBot isothermally amplifies cDNA fragments that have been captured by complementary adapter oligonucleotides covalently bound to the surface of Illumina flow cells. Flow cells facilitate access of bound DNA to enzymes while ensuring high stability of surface-bound template and low non-specific binding of fluorescently-labeled nucleotides. Attached DNA fragments are extended and bridge amplified to create hundreds of millions of clusters, each of which contains ~1,000 identical copies of a single template molecule.

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Catalog IDs: SY-301-2002, SY-301-2014