Unmatched performance, data quality, and expertise. The Illumina family of genetic analysis services.

Illumina offers a diverse portfolio of array and next-generation sequencing (NGS) services to support a broad range of genomic applications. Whether you are conducting large population-based genetic analysis studies, advancing breeding programs, or diagnosing patients, Illumina and our partners have a solution for your needs.

Armed with Illumina’s proven NGS and array technologies and network of scientific experts, customers are increasingly empowered to accelerate opportunities for discovery. Illumina’s array and NGS service network provides the only sample-to-data solution, with guaranteed delivery of industry-leading data quality and performance to help you discover answers, faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Illumina also offers a number of other services including a core lab program, service partnerships, analysis and data management solutions through Illumina Connect, and financial solutions.

Human Whole-Genome Sequencing Services

As whole-genome sequencing (WGS) becomes more accessible, the ability to study the entire human genome accelerates opportunities for discovery. Illumina offers access to the most accurate and most complete human WGS data, to give customers the clearest picture of the genome. With a diverse portfolio of service offerings supporting a range of DNA inputs, turnaround times and analysis packages, you can find a solution to your research objectives. Learn more about Human Whole-Genome Sequencing Services »

Illumina FastTrack Microarray Services

Illumina FastTrack Services work collaboratively with customers, providing a personalized service to achieve your research objectives. Using Illumina’s cutting-edge microarray technology, you can leverage the same competitive advantages as Illumina’s instrument customers to conduct whole-genome association studies, DNA copy number studies, linkage analysis, fine mapping and DNA methylation studies in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost. Learn more about Illumina FastTrack Microarray Services »

Certified Service Provider Program (CSPro)

Located throughout the world, Illumina Certified Service Providers (CSPro) are independent services labs dedicated to delivering the highest-quality data available for genetic analysis applications on a wide-range of sample types. Each possesses skilled sequencing, genotyping, or gene expression analysis teams with proven expertise and training on Illumina platforms, enabling them to receive CSPro status. Each will work collaboratively with you to achieve your research objectives. Learn more about CSPro »

Other Services

Illumina also offers access to a number of other services including a core lab program, financial solutions, specialty NGS services, and instrument qualification services. Learn more about Other Services »

The Customer Experience

Get an overview of how Illumina FTS's expert project managers, scientists, and lab staff deliver high-quality sequencing data and support you throughout the project.

Illumina FastTrack Services: Customer ExperienceIllumina FastTrack Services: Customer Experience

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CSPro Close-Up

Learn how CSPro provider, Zoetis, uses Illumina BeadChips to enable livestock producers to improve the genetic makeup of their herds.
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Clinical Services Laboratory

This CLIA-CAP accredited clinical lab is staffed with certified clinical lab scientists, medical geneticists and counselors. We provide services for predisposition and undiagnosed disease testing.
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