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The Illumina Genome Network (IGN) offers highly accurate, complete human whole-genome sequencing services, giving researchers the clearest picture of the genome. IGN provides affordable end-to-end research solutions with the largest global install base and the capability to perform whole-genome sequencing services quickly and confidently.

As whole-genome sequencing becomes more accessible, the ability to study the entire human genome accelerates opportunities for discovery. Results from the ENCODE project reveal that many DNA variants previously associated to disease lie outside of the coding regions of genomic DNA. This knowledge, combined with easy access to IGN’s whole-genome sequencing services, empowers researchers to discover novel links between genetic variations and human disease.

IGN Sequencing Service Providers

The Illumina Genome Network links researchers interested in conducting large whole human genome sequencing projects with leading institutes worldwide that provide highly economical and rapid turnaround access to Illumina sequencing.

Consisting of CSPro-certified organizations and Illumina FastTrack Services, the IGN enables researchers to complete their genome sequencing projects without investing in dedicated resources or time. Learn more about IGN Sequencing Service Providers »

IGN Genome Sequencing Data Quality

Sound research hinges on good data. While other service companies promise it, the Illumina Genome Network delivers high-quality data, using industry-leading HiSeq systems, TruSeq technology, and experienced scientists to cost-effectively perform human whole-genome sequencing. Learn more about IGN Genome Sequencing Data Quality »

IGN Sequencing Service Offerings

Through a diverse portfolio of sequencing service offerings, the Illumina Genome Network enables researchers to perform comprehensive whole genome studies. Fast turnaround times and a range of value-added services are available to meet the unique needs of every study. Learn more about IGN Sequencing Service Offerings »

IGN Software Partners

Once your whole-genome sequencing project is complete, researchers are challenged to discover the biological significance underlying their studies. To help our customers, Illumina Genome Network has partnered with 3rd party software service providers. Learn more about IGN Software Partners »

How to Order

Interested in a project with Illumina FastTrack Services? Please contact your sales representative or get a quote through our website. We’ll follow up to discuss your sequencing project and help you select the product that best meets your needs.

Whole-genome haplotyping

See how customers are using Phasing technology to facilitate population-scale haplotyping of human genomes

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Revolutionizing Whole-Genome Sequencing

Learn how the Illumina Genome Network has been instrumental in providing fast, reliable whole human genome sequencing data.
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Snapshot: the IGN Process


Learn how to quickly obtain whole human genome sequencing services. This brochure offers an overview of the process.
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Non-Human Sequencing Services

Illumina's CSPro providers offer non-human and other sequencing services including RNA-Seq and Exome sequencing.
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Clinical Services Laboratory

Illumina offers CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory services to physicians and genetic counselors for diagnosis and preventive care genetic studies.
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