Whole-genome sequencing power

Maximum throughput for population- and production-scale genomics

HiSeq X Ten

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The $1000 Human Genome Is Here

Discover how HiSeq X Ten breaks the $1000 genome barrier for human whole-genome sequencing.
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Ultra-High-Throughput for Non-Human Species Now Available

HiSeq X Sequencing System customers can now apply population-scale sequencing to non-human species on the HiSeq X Ten System and the HiSeq X Five System.
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Drive Toward Sequencing 18,000 Human Whole Genomes

Illumina SeqLab for large-scale whole-genome sequencing on HiSeq X Systems is designed to increase efficiencies in the laboratory.
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Unmatched Speed and Throughput

Learn how the HiSeq X Series delivers an unprecedented scale of sequencing.
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HiSeq X Ten Customer Spotlight

Human Longevity, Inc. is leveraging the power of the HiSeq X Ten systems to develop solutions to help improve human health and enable people to live their lives to the fullest.
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See Patterned Flow Cells in Action

Check out this 3D video that shows how our innovative patterned flow cells work with our SBS technology.
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Human Population-Scale Studies

Learn how the HiSeq X Ten can benefit communities by enabling them to sequence their entire population.
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