Production power

Power and efficiency for large-scale genomics

The HiSeq 2500 System is a powerful and efficient ultra-high-throughput sequencing system that supports the broadest range of applications and study sizes. Unrivaled data quality using Illumina's proven SBS chemistry has made the HiSeq 2500 the instrument of choice for all major genome centers and leading institutions throughout the world. New HiSeq v4 reagents allow for more reads and more data in less time.

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Announcing the Love My HiSeq Reagents Winner

See why the winner loves his HiSeq and check out what others are saying about their systems.

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Longer Reads in Rapid Mode

HiSeq v2 Reagent Kits

New HiSeq v2 reagents for rapid run mode increase read lengths up to 2x250 bp.

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Even More Data, Faster

HiSeq v4 Reagent Kits

Now available: HiSeq v4 reagents increase yield and throughput.

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Illumina NGS Methods Guide

From library preparation to sequencer selection to analysis: select the best tools for your lab.

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