Library prep reimagined.
Unrivaled simplicity.

NeoPrep Library Prep System.
Available 1H 2015.

The NeoPrep System is designed for the Illumina family of NGS sequencers and makes the market leading TruSeq and Nextera library prep workflows even easier.

  • Library Prep Reimagined

    The NeoPrep system radically simplifies library prep: far fewer steps, fewer opportunities for error, greater reproducibility, and much less hands-on time.

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  • Transformative Technology Made Easy

    NeoPrep enables push-button library prep by marrying the precision of digital microfluidics with Illumina’s renowned ease-of-use.

  • Demonstrated performance for low-input RNA-Seq

    Digital microfluidics makes high quality libraries possible, even from low nanogram levels of total RNA. See data presented at the 2014 ASHG Annual Meeting.

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  • Versatility to Meet Your Needs

    NeoPrep delivers 16 libraries per run and accepts 10X lower input amounts for some assays versus manual library preparation methods. NeoPrep kits will include TruSeq DNA PCR-Free, TruSeq Nano DNA, TruSeq Stranded mRNA, TruSeq RNA Access, and other assays from Illumina's industry-leading TruSeq and Nextera portfolio.