NextSeq 500 Desktop Sequencer

The most flexible desktop sequencer just got better

The NextSeq 500 desktop sequencing system provides the flexible power and simplicity you need to analyze whole genomes, exomes, and transcriptomes. With the introduction of new NextSeq 500 v2 reagent kits, we’ve optimized sequencing reagents and improved clustering chemistry, yielding the data quality you’ve come to expect from Illumina.

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Introducing the
NextSeq 550 System

Perform next-generation sequencing (NGS) and cytogenomic array scanning all on one system.

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Advance Your Research

The NextSeq 500 desktop sequencer offers the convenience and control of your lab, on your time.

- Evolution of NextSeq 500 video
- Genetic disease, cancer studies webinar
- First NextSeq 500 publication: ribosome profiling with RNA-Seq

Discover NGS

See how NGS can help you achieve your research goals.

- NGS introduction
- SBS technology video
- 2-channel SBS technology

Evaluate NextSeq 500

Learn about the NextSeq 500 desktop sequencer and its capabilities.

- NextSeq Series specifications sheet
- NextSeq 500 technical video

Choose Your Application

With the NextSeq 500, gain the flexibility and scalability to support your research.

- Whole-genome sequencing
- RNA sequencing
- Exome sequencing
- Cytogenomic arrays
- Karyomapping arrays

Succeed with Illumina

Hear how the NextSeq 500 desktop sequencer enables success.

- Delivering sequencing results quickly
- Simple, flexible sequencing
- Enabling single-cell sequencing