RNA-Seq Technology

RNA-Seq technology allows you to discover and profile the entire transcriptome in any organism. With no probes or primers to design, RNA-Seq delivers unbiased and unparalleled information about the transcriptome. The simple sequencing workflow and Illumina's optimized TruSeq RNA Sample Prep technology allows you quickly process RNA samples to analyze novel transcripts, novel isoforms, alternative splice sites, rare transcripts, and cSNPs in one experiment.

Sequencing-based RNA analysis records the numerical frequency of a sequence in the library population, eliminating background signals observed using relative expression profiles generated with microarray hybridization technology. RNA-Seq offers a new level of assay customizability to optimize each experiment to a study’s specific design and purposes. Coverage depth can be tuned by simply sequencing more or less of the sample. This customizable depth enables a range of applications, from expression profiling and sample classification with low read count to rare transcript or variant discovery with deep coverage.

RNA-Seq Highlights

  • Powerful Platform: Characterize all transcriptional activity in any organism
  • High Sensitivity: Detect single transcripts per cell with as low as 100 ng of RNA input
  • Tuneable Coverage: Profile the transcriptome at dynamic ranges comparable to actual levels in cells
  • Simple Workflow: Accelerate your discoveries with a streamlined end-to-end solution, from sample preparation though data analysis
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Detect tissue-specific expression with RNA-Seq

Detect Tissue-Specific Expression with mRNA-Seq