HumanOmniExpress BeadChip Kit

The HumanOmniExpress BeadChip array is a powerful tool for genome-wide association studies (GWAS), providing high sample throughput and coverage of common variants. Using the proven iScan or HiScan System, this 24-sample BeadChip offers unrivaled throughput of thousands of samples per week.

Optimized tag SNP content from all three HapMap phases has been strategically selected to capture the greatest amount of common variation and drive the discovery of novel associations with traits and diseases.

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System Compatibility

iScan System
HiScan System

Product Literature

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Infinium OmniExpress-24 v1.2 BeadChip Data Sheet PDF(< 1 MB)

Catalog IDs: 20001122, 20001123, 20001124, 20001125, 20001126, 20001127