Infinium Exome-24 Kit

Infinium Exome-24 BeadChip delivers unparalleled coverage of putative functional exonic variants selected from over 12,000 individual exome and whole-genome sequences. Markers were identified through a close collaboration with leading geneticists with the goal of developing an extensive catalog of exome variants. The exonic content consists of > 240,000 markers representing diverse populations—including European, African, Chinese, and Hispanic individuals—and a range of common conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, metabolic, and psychiatric disorders.

Infinium Exome-24 BeadChip delivers focused coverage of exonic regions, but does not include coverage outside of coding regions.

System Compatibility

HiScan System
iScan System

Product Literature

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Infinium Exome-24 v1.0 BeadChip Data Sheet PDF(< 1 MB)

Catalog IDs: WG-358-1001, WG-358-1002, WG-358-1003, WG-358-1011, WG-358-1012, WG-358-1013