Infinium iSelect HD and HTS Custom Genotyping BeadChips

iSelect HD and HTS Custom Genotyping BeadChips offer the ability to interrogate virtually any SNP for any species. Take advantage of the high multiplexing Infinium Assay coupled with the iSelect 24-sample HD or HTS array formats for maximum throughput capabilities. The flexibility of the Infinium iSelect technology opens up new opportunities for human, agricultural, and novel species studies.

Design a custom genotyping panel that supports up to 1,000,000 custom markers (SNPs, indels, and CNVs). iSelect can be deployed on either the 24-sample HD (3,072 to 90,000), 24-sample HTS (90,001 to 700,000), or other BeadChip format to support greater than 700,000 markers. The creation of these custom assays enable focused, high-throughput genotyping applications tailored to unique project needs.

Keep up-to-date with new discoveries by revising custom content through the Infinium iSelect + (add-on content) option. Add-on content comes from publically available databases or new discoveries. It allows researchers to combine existing marker sets with new, unique content on a single BeadChip. This increases efficiency and cost effectiveness in study design.

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Catalog IDs: WG-401-1004, WG-405-1004, WG-401-1014, WG-405-1014