iSelect HD Custom Genotyping BeadChips offer the ability to interrogate virtually any SNP for any species. With the high multiplexing of the Infinium HD Assay and the flexibility of Illumina's multi-sample array formats, iSelect HD Custom BeadChips open up new opportunities for both human and agricultural studies.

Design a custom genotyping panel that includes from 3,072 to 1,000,000 attempted bead types. The BeadChips can be deployed on either the 24-sample (3,072 to 90,000), 12-sample (90,001 to 250,000), or 4-sample (250,001 to 1,000,000) BeadChip format. Create assays tailored directly to specific needs for targeted region genotyping or fine-mapping with Custom Infinium DNA Analysis products.

Keep up-to-date with recent discoveries by customizing Infinium iSelect HD BeadChips with Infinium Add-On Content. Whether it comes from publically available databases or new discoveries, Add-On Content allows researchers to combine existing marker sets with new, unique content on a single BeadChip, increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness in study design.

System Compatibility


Catalog IDs: WG-401-1004, WG-400-1004, WG-404-1004, WG-401-1014, WG-400-1014, WG-404-1014

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