Access to Genomics

Accelerate access to genomics

Accelerate access to genomics

We are committed to accelerating access to genomics to realize health equity for billions of people around the world

Making genomics available to all is critical in realizing its potential to save and improve lives. That’s why we are driving down the cost of sequencing, expanding access to advanced technology, and increasing the diversity of genomics data.

How we accelerate access:

Be the engine of genomic innovation

2023 progress: 9893 patents issued worldwide at the end of 2023

Drive down the cost of sequencing

2023 progress: 352 units of new breakthrough NovaSeq X series shipped

Expand the reach of genomics

2023 progress: 1.3 billion lives covered for genomics testing

Lower the Cost of Sequencing and Enhance the Value Beyond Cost Per Genome
Since 2001, the cost of DNA sequencing has dropped by more than 100,000×, from $100 million USD per human genome to $200 USD on the NovaSeq X Series using the 25B flow cell.

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*$200 USD genome on NovaSeq X Series is delivered at list price on 25B flow cell. Data on file.

Realizing the potential of the genome requires global data that is representative of the diversity of our populations

Genomics has been integrated into clinical practice at a faster rate than almost any innovation in the history of medicine, but inequities still exist. Implementation has been almost entirely restricted to more developed nations, and 78% of people included in genomic studies of disease risk are of European ancestry. To ensure that genomes can be interpreted in the appropriate context of global diversity, we aim to increase the equitable representation of genomic data. This allows for therapies and solutions to be attuned to a broader set of genomes, decreasing this bias in our medicine for the future.

Bringing iHope to patients

iHope Genetic Health Program

iHope is a philanthropic effort that provides clinical whole-genome sequencing (cWGS) to underserved families around the globe. It brings together a wide range of organizations aiming to shorten the diagnostic journey and inspire hope.

Efforts include the iHope program under the auspices of the nonprofit Genetic Alliance and iHope China with March of Dimes.

Through our partnership with Genetic Alliance, iHope Genetic Health aims to provide clinical whole-genome sequencing (WGS) access to tens of thousands of families across the globe impacted by genetic disease. At least half of iHope Genetic Health's efforts focus on areas of the world in need outside the US, with more than one-third of Illumina support dedicated to patients in Africa.

  • > 2000 patients impacted since inception
  • 43% of patients receive diagnosis after cWGS
  • > 25 iHope clinical sites worldwide
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Partnering with San Diego Nonprofit to Provide Students with STEM Bootcamp

The future of our mission relies on nurturing and equipping the next generation

Through direct programming, nonprofit partners, and employee engagement, we aim to enable educators to be advocates of genomics and inspire learners of all ages to envision themselves as future leaders in STEM.

  • 2030 Target: Reach 5 million STEM learners globally
  • 2023 Progress: ~1.6 million reached since 2019
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Illumina Startups

To date, our Illumina for Startups initiatives have raised over $1.1 billion in collective venture capital funding.

  • 74 startups launched
  • 47% female founders
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Genomics for good in action

It’s time to increase access to molecular testing for people with ovarian cancer
Bridging the diagnosis gap for Canada’s Indigenous children
Illumina unveils AI software to predict disease-causing genetic mutations in patients