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Advancing the understanding of agrigenomics and improving individual economics

Agriculture Consortia

With a consortium, members work together privately or publicly to advance the collective understanding of agrigenomics and improve individual economics. Already there are consortia for a wide variety of plants and animals. Illumina coordinates. Members pool resources. Everyone benefits.

Genotyping panels based on Illumina BeadChip arrays are the foundation of more than 25 different consortia products, with new groups being formed every year. In the sections below, you'll learn about currently available agrigenomics consortia, publicly available BeadChips, and BeadChips that are in development.

Illumina BeadChips are designed to enable a broad range of agrigenomic applications to accelerate and enhance research, advance the development of high-value trait screening methods, and enable the swift deployment of these applications in the real world.

If you'd like to participate in consortia or are interested in starting a new one, fill out the Consortia interest form or contact your Illumina representative.

Agrigenomics Consortia Collage
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