Information for Current and Prospective Suppliers

Supplier Form

Please fill out our Supplier Form for consideration to become an Illumina supplier.

Supplier Expectations

Illumina Purchase Order Terms and Conditions:

In order to become an Illumina supplier, you must adhere to the following policies and Terms & Conditions:

See our Legal page for further details.

RoHS Certification Requirement

In accordance with our company policy, we will accept any of the following: 1) Declaration of Conformity, 2) Certificate, Certification or Statement of Compliance, 3) Laboratory Testing Report with a Certified Laboratory, or 4) Manufacturing Contract Agreement.

In order to be accepted by our QA department, the certification must specifically lists the Illumina Part Number(s) listed above (or states that it is all encompassing for all parts or materials supplied to Illumina), include your company name, includes an authorized signature, and states whether the part is compliant or non-compliant with RoHS2 (EU Directive 2011/65, Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment).  Please Do Not include any reference to a revision, PO#, or purchasing document and if it is already in your standard response document, please remove it. 

Supply Chain and Conflict-Free Minerals

Suppliers must adhere to Illumina's Conflict-Free Minerals Policy. Illumina will routinely evaluate its suppliers to ensure compliance. To access the policy and associated forms, use the following link:

Illumina Form SD - 2015 and Illumina Conflict Minerals Report - 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Illumina's standard payment terms?

  • Standard payment terms are Net 60 days.

How can payments be accelerated?

  • Illumina offers an additional solution to pay U.S. based suppliers with automated Visa card payments, called Payment Plus.  We have authorized U.S. Bank to contact our suppliers and inform them about this program. If you wish to speak directly with an Illumina employee about this program, please contact Jeannette Cantu at
    • This is a payment program only for US suppliers – paid in US currency.
  • Illumina has decided to offer to pay suppliers by Visa card to improve process efficiencies and working capital management as well as reduce the cost of processing paper checks.  The benefits of this program to our suppliers include:
    • Greatly accelerated payments and improved cash flow
    • Increased efficiencies through elimination of paper-based processes, including check processing and associated reconciliations.
    • Real-time notifications for each card payment
    • Complete remittance detail to support efficient receivables postings

Is there another option for payment terms?

  • 2% Net 30

Is there specific information that my invoicing needs to contain in order to be processed efficiently?

  • Each invoice submitted must contain a valid PO number
    • Any and all invoices submitted without a valid PO number will automatically be rejected.
    • Rejected invoices must be re-billed and re-submitted with a valid PO number.
  • Each invoice must bill the correct legal entity referenced on the PO.
    • Invoices billing the incorrect legal entity will be rejected.

Is there a specific format requirement for electronic invoice submission?

  • All invoicing must be submitted in PDF format
    • Only (1) invoice may be submitted per PDF attachment
    • Submissions that contain more than (1) invoice per PDF attachment will be rejected.
  • All invoices are electronically read
    • Invoicing that contains handwritten information will be rejected.
    • All information contained on invoicing must be electronically printed.

Where do I submit my invoicing for processing?

Where do I submit Statements of Account, or general inquiries regarding payment status, etc.?

How do I know my invoice has been received?

  • When submitting to one of the Invoice Process email addresses – you will receive an automatic reply thanking you for your invoice.

Where/How do I submit Safety Data Sheets?

Where may I submit vendor questions?

Purchase Orders

What Constitutes a PO from Illumina?

  • Valid Purchase Orders are submitted by the Illumina purchasing department only. Emails and purchase requisitions from non-purchasing employees are not valid. Purchase Orders will contain a unique Purchase Order number along with standard terms and conditions.

Who at Illumina is authorized to issue a PO?

  • Only buyers are authorized to issue a purchase order.
  • Commitments of funds, made by other than the buyer in writing, are not authorized and may be rejected for payment.

How do I get a PO from Illumina?

  • The entity must be registered as an Illumina supplier. Please see the "Become a Supplier" section.
  • Buyers will submit purchase orders within 24 hours of approval.


Where do I ship product to Illumina?

  • All items must be shipped to the designated Receiving location as stated on PO.

How do I contact Illumina if I have a delivery issue?

  • If there are any questions or concerns, please email the buyer who sent the PO and provide your PO#

What are the shipment documentation requirements for international suppliers?

  • See our Guidance Note for International Suppliers.

Contact Information

Garrett Mitchell
Tel: 858.255.5612

Accounts Payable

Illumina Credit References

  • Business Name:
    Illumina, Inc.
  • Billing Address:
    5200 Illumina Way
    San Diego, CA 92122
    Attn: Accounts Payable
  • FEIN:
  • Dun & Bradstreet:
  • Bank Information:
    Bank of America
    Credit Inquiry Services Department, CA
    PO Box 34893
    Seattle, WA 98124-1893
    Fax Number 415.343.9301
  • Trade Credit References:
    Vander-Bend Manufacturing LLC
    123 Uranium Drive
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086-5310
    Contact: Nadia Bojino
    Phone: 408.245.5150 Ext. 155

    VWR International, LLC
    Attn: Risk Department
    Fax: 484.881.7250
    Account 14505-09181