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BaseSpace Informatics Suite is the unified portfolio of Illumina bioinformatics software solutions. BaseSpace Suite integrates key informatics tools to deliver a seamless user experience that supports complete genomic research and precision medicine workflows. It provides an environment for integrating molecular and clinical data, and permits more people to participate in the discovery process.

BaseSpace Suite guides you from experiment design and sample tracking to data interpretation and meaningful reports. We make it easier to produce high-quality genomic information and apply the results for research, translational, and future precision medicine applications. Use these BaseSpace Suite products together, separately, or with the existing solutions in your lab.

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Basespace Informatics Suite

BaseSpace Informatics Suite

See how our integrated solutions simplify and expedite your genomic workflows.

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Techical Note

Monitoring Instrument Performance

BaseSpace Sequence Hub enables users to submit sequencing instrument operational data, so Illumina can monitor instrument performance and resolve unforeseen issues.

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BaseSpace Informatics Suite

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

Track and manage samples and optimize wet lab workflows

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS (formerly Clarity LIMS) is a laboratory information management system that includes preconfigured workflows, and support for regulatory compliance. It offers flexibility to adapt to new workflows, and automation to help your lab scale when sample volumes increase.

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BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Analyze, store, and share genomic data

BaseSpace Sequence Hub (formerly BaseSpace) provides scalable and secure storage and analysis of genomic data. Monitor sequencing runs remotely, and share data easily. Our growing ecosystem of BaseSpace Apps simplify data analysis for a wide range of sequencing applications.

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BaseSpace Variant Interpreter

Extract and report variant significance

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter (Beta) enables you to rapidly extract biological insight from genomic data within a scalable and secure cloud-based solution. Add rich annotations, filter and interpret variants, and summarize findings into a structured report.

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BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer

Increase understanding of clinically and biologically significant markers

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer (formerly NextBio Clinical) enables you to automatically aggregate and analyze subjects with genomics data in a few clicks. Review cohorts for marker frequencies, response, and outcomes. Then share data for biomarker discovery, translational research, and clinical trials.

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BaseSpace Correlation Engine

Use data-driven answers to understand genes, variants, and signatures

BaseSpace Correlation Engine (formerly NextBio Research) enables you to instantly mine over 20,000 genomic studies to get data-driven answers for genes, variants, and signatures. Compare molecular profiles within this curated knowledge base to validate your results and test new hypotheses.

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BaseSpace Informatics Suite Wins People’s Choice Award at Bio-IT World

BaseSpace Informatics Suite was voted the 2016 Best of Show Award in the People's Choice category at the 15th Annual Bio-IT World Conference and Expo in Boston, Massachusetts. The newly introduced BaseSpace Suite is a cloud-based, integrated informatics product portfolio designed to deliver a comprehensive solution for your workflows.

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Research Informatics

Go smoothly from experimental design to analysis, annotation, and understanding. Our research informatics tools help you solve challenges – whether you’re a biologist studying microorganisms or a researcher exploring tumorigenesis processes.

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Translational Informatics

Move scientific discoveries from the laboratory through clinical trials and health care for improved health outcomes. Our informatics platforms transform complex genomic data into meaningful insights through integration with curated clinical and phenotypic information.

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Data Security and Privacy

Addressing data security and privacy concerns is critical in research and translational settings. At Illumina, we are committed to providing secure solutions to protect the confidentiality of all data.

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