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More relevant data.
More efficiently than ever.

Accelerate insights with a comprehensive bioinformatics software solution that connects your samples, instruments, and analytics.

A bioinformatics software suite connecting your entire genomics workflow

Integrate your scientific and clinical research data across the entire workflow, from samples and systems to analysis. Our accurate, approachable, and comprehensive suite of bioinformatics solutions enable you to unlock the full power of your data to improve human health.

bioinformatics software for genomics workflow
Proven accuracy

Attain high-quality, reproducible insights using DRAGEN, most comprehensive and leading accuracy for germline and somatic variant calling as measured by PrecisionFDA1.

Integrated and efficient

Minimize hands-on time and seamlessly connect data from across your entire workflow. Illumina software is built for deep sequencer integration and efficient scaling in order to meet your data needs.

Trusted technology

Reduce bioinformatics bottlenecks and streamline your entire workflow. Illumina is committed to relentless innovation, creating new bioinformatics technologies that expand access to genomics for all.

Software product portfolio

From wet lab to data insights, the Illumina software product portfolio offers solutions for every workflow stage

Illumina Connected Software

Wet lab
Dry lab

Discovery and diagnostic power

Genomic analysis solutions for any size experiment

clinical research icon
Clinical research

For investigating a sample for a known genotype-phenotype association

experiment level icon
Experiment level

Discover new genotype-phenotype associations with software customizable to accelerate new insights

cost effective icon
Trial or population genetics

Highly accurate and efficient analysis completely customizable for large scale genomics analysis and discovery at scale

Customer stories
cardiovascular disease and genomics
Can genomics stop the world’s leading cause of death?

Prof. Dr. Andreas Ziegler, scientific director and CEO of Cardio-CARE, uses genomics to study cardiovascular disease and population health data with a clinical focus.

study early-onset Parkinson’s disease
Using whole-genome sequencing to study early-onset Parkinson’s disease

NysnoBio uses Illumina Connected Analytics and Cohorts to analyze NGS data and enable development of a gene therapy to slow Parkinson's Disease progression in individuals under age 50.

Clarity LIMS software streamlines workflow management
Streamlined workflow management enables sequencing at scale

Implementation of Clarity LIMS Software enables Rapid Novor to future-proof their growing laboratory operations.

Focused Workflows for key applications

We support workflows in the following areas for in-depth analysis of clinical and research data:

oncology icon

Identify relevant DNA and RNA variants in tumor types and conduct in-house comprehensive genomic profiling of tumor samples.

rare disease icon
Rare disease

Discover variants associated with rare disease through our AI-powered software. Offers support for genomes, exomes, panels, and virtual panels.

reproductive health icon
Reproductive health

Obtain accurate and informative NIPT results from Illumina VeriSeq.

infectious disease icon
Infectious disease

Detect and characterize infectious diseases like COVID-19 with powerful, easy-to-use software analysis.

Software documentation and resources

Visit the software resources portal to access documentation, developer resources, and software news and updates

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Support and documentation

Get documentation, FAQs, technical bulletins, training, developer tools, and software downloads—all in one place.

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Visit our Informatics blog for the latest product news, updates, and more.

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Proven industry leadership and innovation

Your trusted implementation and support partner

llumina software solutions are built with the same exceptional level of accuracy, accessibility, and security standards as our sequencing solutions. Our comprehensive bioinformatics suite maximizes efficiency and empowers you to transform your data into insights with powerful tools

for configuration, seamless instrument integration, and approachable user experiences. To help you get up to speed faster, we offer best-in-class implementation support accelerating your utilization of genomics data.

Data security and compliance

High standards of data privacy and protection

To meet the most stringent security requirements, our software products are built with the following security and compliance certifications in mind. Data sharing security and governance, audit trails with encryption, and controlled sharing ensure your data is kept safe and secure. See informatics product pages to understand product-specific compliance and security certifications.

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ISO 27001 Certified logo

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Scaling to the cloud to support sequencing

DRAGEN platform on Microsoft Azure provides ultra-rapid secondary analysis capabilities in the cloud, enabling adoption of high-throughput whole-genome sequencing.

Using analytics to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy selection

Developing and automating best-practice workflows that make analyzing, processing, and disseminating genomic data more accessible.

Bringing bioinformatics pipeline in-house reduces costs and decreases turnaround time

Phosphorus uses the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform to perform genomics data analysis onsite and at an accessible price point.

Additional Software

DesignStudio Custom Assay Designer

This web-based assay design tool helps scientists design custom targeted sequencing panels and create custom genotyping microarray assays.

Correlation Engine

Extend your research by mining scientific studies to get data-driven answers for genes, experiments, drugs, and phenotypes.

Polygenic Risk Score Software

This user-friendly research software simplifies the process of polygenic risk score calculation, analysis, and reporting with an easy-to-use interface.

  1. DRAGEN on Illumina is the first single platform to achieve 99.83% accuracy based on PrecisionFDA v2 Truth Challenge Benchmark Data. Details here.