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Product Selection and Experiment Planning Tools

Sequencing Platform Comparison Tool

Sequencing Platform Comparison Tool

From fast and flexible to ultra-high-throughput production power, find the NGS system that's right for you.

Compare Platforms

Library Prep and Array Kit Selector

Library Prep & Array Kit Selector

Determine the best sequencing library preparation kit or microarray for your needs based on your project type, starting material, and method of interest.

Find the Right Kit

Sequencing Method Explorer

Sequencing Method Explorer

Use this tool to explore experimental sequencing library preparation methods compiled from the scientific literature, and find compatible kits.

Explore Methods

Gene Panel Finder

Gene Panel Finder

Identify sequencing panels that target your genes of interest.

Find the Right Panel

Additional Tools

Custom Protocol Selector: Generate custom protocols tailored to your specific workflow

NGS Methods Guide: All the information you need, from library preparation to sequencer selection to analysis.

Workflow Training Selector: Arrange hands-on training in your lab, for your area of focus, kit, and system.

Sequencing Coverage Calculator: Calculate the reagents and runs needed to achieve your desired coverage.

DesignStudio Assay Design Tool: Design and order custom targeted sequencing and genotyping array assays.


Product Comparison Tables and Guides

rRNA Removal Kit Comparison Table: Find the right ribosomal RNA or globin mRNA removal kit.

rRNA Removal Kit Species Compatibility Tables: Evaluate species compatibility for Ribo-Zero kits.

TruSight Sequencing Panels: Compare targeted sequencing assays for translational research on various diseases and conditions.

Sequencing System Comparison Table: Compare Illumina sequencer specifications.