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Find out what our customers have to say about Illumina products. Learn about the innovative ways they are using our products to advance research and human health. Explore their perspectives through customer interviews, publications, educational videos, articles, and webinars. We’ve collected this information in one place, accessed through the following links:

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iCommunity Customer Stories

Read in-depth interviews with Illumina customers. Learn how they use our technologies in life science, reproductive and genetic health, applied, medical, and translational research.

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Customer Videos and Webinars

Hear what our customers say about the value Illumina technologies bring to their laboratories. Learn about the processes, workflows, and applications they’ve developed.

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Adventures in Genomics Videos

Explore amazing genomic discoveries and meet the scientists behind the breakthroughs who are helping us better understand ourselves and the world around us.

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Featured Researchers

Learn how our customers use Illumina systems to solve genetic analysis problems, and obtain high-quality data quickly and efficiently to support breakthrough discoveries.

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Scientific Publications

Seeking the latest published research? We’ve scanned leading scientific journals, identifying recent papers where Illumina technologies were used to drive research forward.

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Science Mondays Videos

Stay abreast of new research areas and methods with Science Mondays (SciMon). This series of brief videos highlights scientific advances using Illumina technologies.

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