Broader, deeper sequencing with the NovaSeq X Series

Speed, scale and discovery power with the NovaSeq X Series

Unlock deeper insights for more meaningful outcomes

Limitless sequencing potential

With the NovaSeq X Series, you can take on projects that were previously out of reach. Sequence both broader and deeper at scale than ever before. The lower cost per Gb, higher-throughput, and fast, streamlined operational workflows allow you to sequence more samples and analyze data more easily than ever before.


Cost efficiencies enable your most ambitious projects

The NovaSeq X Series and 1.5B, 10B, and 25B flow cells enable users to leverage budgets to perform sequencing studies of greater scale and depth.

You can generate more detailed data from your samples or interrogate multiple modalities for greater insights.
  • Affordably analyze whole genomes: Expand whole-genome sequencing (WGS) in your lab with the $200 USD genome*.
  • Add statistical power: Manage bigger sample cohort sizes for population-scale studies.
  • Sequence more deeply: Identify rare genetic events for cancer and genetic disease applications.
  • Examine multiple dimensions: Combine data from genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes for a more vivid picture of biological systems.
  • Get answers faster: Take advantage of high-throughput, integrated informatics solutions.

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* $200 USD genome on NovaSeq X Series is delivered at list price on the 25B flow cell (sequencing consumables only), assuming 100Gb/genome.

Unlock the next wave of genomic discovery

Increased discovery power will come from larger studies, deeper sequencing to identify rare genetic events, and broader sequencing methods and multiomics for a more comprehensive view of cellular activity. Learn how you can perform broader, deeper sequencing and take on projects that were previously out of reach with the NovaSeq X Series.

Perform broader, deeper sequencing applications

The NovaSeq X Series allows you to sequence more deeply to analyze rare variants, or scale up any application to include more samples. By leveraging the NovaSeq X Series 10B and 25B flow cells, you can work with bigger cohorts, faster than ever with the highest level of confidence.

Study liquid biopsies

Perform ctDNA sequencing to detect rare variants and low-frequency signals in liquid biopsy research samples.

Assay challenging genes

Sequence historically challenging, medically relevant genes and better understand genetic disease with Illumina Complete Long Reads.

Sequence single cells

Access the contributions of individual cells in complex tissues by profiling up to millions of single cells in parallel, under more conditions, and at genome-scale.

Perform population studies

Add statistical power and sequence 2.5× more samples by transitioning from the NovaSeq 6000 S4 flow cell to the NovaSeq X 25B flow cell.

Sequence whole genomes

Affordably analyze up to 64 human whole genomes per flow cell to power rare disease research.

Sequence whole exomes

Efficiently identify coding variants for larger cohort groups with the ability to sequence ~750 exomes per NovaSeq X 25B flow cell.

Sequence more samples with the same budget

Exome sequencing was performed on the NovaSeq X Plus System with 25B flow cells and on the NovaSeq 6000 System with S4 flow cells using the same total project budget. This analysis is based on sequencing 8 Gb per exome.

Increase throughput while decreasing time to results

The NovaSeq X Series allows you to sequence more deeply to analyze rare variants, or scale up any application to include more samples. By leveraging the NovaSeq X Series 10B and 25B flow cells, you can work with bigger cohorts, faster than ever with the highest level of confidence. Sequence 2.5x more cells in half the time* with the 25B flow cell on NovaSeq X Plus.

NovaSeq X Flow Cell Type
No. of single-cells sequenced per run** ~120,000 ~800,000 ~2M
Run time ~17 hr*** ~18 hr*** ~48 hr***

* Compared to NovaSeq 6000 S4 200-cycle kit.
** Assumes 25,000 reads per cell.
*** Run time for 1.5B and 10B flow cells are based on 2 x 50 bp read configuration. Run time for 25B flow cell is based on 2 x 150 bp read configuration.

Multiply your discovery power with multiomics

It's now easier to perform a broad range of multiomics studies and add an additional dimension of information with the NovaSeq X Series. Answer the most complex questions in genomics by getting the most information out of every single sample.

By combining multiple methods for deeper insights, you can think bigger with your projects and drive utility. Here are some of the top methods that are validated for the NovaSeq X Series and commonly combined for multiomics studies.

Common multiomics combinations Benefits How NovaSeq X helps Popular methods
Genomics + transcriptomics

Measure the functional consequences of genetic variation to annotate and prioritize variants associated with disease

Automated, push-button onboard secondary analysis for WGS, WES, and RNA-Seq that can run in parallel

Whole-genome sequencing

Exome sequencing


Genomics + epigenetics

Reveal patterns of gene regulation and how they connect with the genotypes underlying disease, especially in noncoding regions

Automated onboard independent lane loading to easily sequence multiple omes on the same flow cell

Whole-genome sequencing

Methylation sequencing


Transcriptomics + epigenetics

Directly measure the ties between gene regulation and gene expression, instead of trying to infer those connections

Seamlessly connected to full suite of DRAGEN secondary analysis pipelines in the cloud

Total RNA-Seq

Methylation sequencing

Go from sample to data faster than ever

The NovaSeq X Series improves turnaround time and simplifies data analysis with DRAGEN onboard.

  • Get results faster with up to 2.5× throughput compared to NovaSeq 6000 System and the ability to sequence 128 human whole genomes per run.
  • Improve workflow efficiency with DRAGEN onboard for supported applications, including germline and somatic WGS, WES, WTS, and methylation.
  • Achieve faster turnaround times for small batch sizes and data-light applications with the two-lane, 1.5B NovaSeq X flow cell.
  • Leverage plug and play DRAGEN pipelines and variant calling from whole-genome data directly onboard the NovaSeq X Series.
  • Manage large amounts of data easier and faster with Illumina Connected Software Suite.
Illumina DRAGEN Germline Report onboard NovaSeq X Series

Featured NovaSeq X informatics workflow

Implementing sequencing workflows is faster and easier than ever before with the NovaSeq X Series. There are fewer touch points and steps, from run planning to sequencing and analysis. Accelerate your sequencing with the streamlined workflow and easily manage large amounts of data with DRAGEN onboard the NovaSeq X Series.

Lab and run management

Illumina Run Manager

Data interpretation

*Connected Insights available in select countries


XLEAP-SBS chemistry delivers exceptional data quality for high-throughput genomics, and technology advances make the
NovaSeq X Series our most powerful and cost-effective sequencing systems yet. Learn more in this Application Note.

Empower your research using RNA-Seq with the NovaSeq X Series. Learn about the streamlined RNA-to-results workflow that combines power, speed, and flexibility for high-throughput transcriptome analysis in this Application Note.

Innovation and the NovaSeq X Series

There is nothing more important than innovation at Illumina. It’s how we move the field forward and it’s part of everything we do. See how every detail has been redesigned in the NovaSeq X Series to elevate usability, maximize productivity, and minimize turnaround to make the most of your precious samples.


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